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FOOD FOR FUEL – Peruvian Trail Mix

Trail Mix

I just found this in the archives of the nutrition section of Endurance Magazine. It got published after our first trip to Peru in 2009. This trail mix is a little high on the glycemic index, but it’s nice fuel for an activity and it is really tasty!

When my buddy, photojournalist Neale Bayly, asked me to join him on an adventure motorcycle ride last spring in an attempt to spread awareness about the abandoned children of Peru, I jumped at the chance. However, when he informed me that I would be going along, not only as a committee member of his charity, Wellspring International Outreach (www.Wellspring-Outreach.org), but also as the resident chef and caretaker, then I realized that I was going to have to put some thought into how I was going to keep a group of motorcyclists nourished through there 18 hour days of riding. In addition to the standard issue of water purification and electrolyte replacement tablets, power bars and energy gels, I also put together this concoction of dried fruits and nuts to keep everyone’s appetites occupied during the long days. Surprisingly, both the group and even the locals couldn’t get enough of it! I haven’t been able to find this combination anywhere in stores, but I still mix a batch anytime I’m headed out for a hike, a long bike ride or any other strenuous activity when I know that I will need to replenish myself. The combination of protein, fiber and antioxidants in this trail mix is an ideal snack for the active person who needs to reload during the day. Each batch makes 6 servings.

1oz (28) almonds
¼ c raisins
1/3 c dried cranberries
2/3 c granola
1 oz (6 pieces) dried mango

Simply measure everything out and mix well in a bowl. Place into a plastic bag or container.

Nutrition Facts:
123 Calories / 3g Fat / 22 Carbohydrates / 2g Fiber / 2g Protein