“As someone that makes my living traveling around the world, testing motorcycles, racing them at high speeds on the track, and participating in arduous third world expeditions, it is necessary for me to keep fit. As I was approaching 50 years of age, watching my metabolism rapidly decline, and feeling the uncomfortable pain of old crash injuries, I knew there were drastic lifestyle changes that needed to be made in order for me to keep my day job as a motorcycle photojournalist. Accepting jobs on television shows and gracing the cover of magazines was going to soon become a thing of the past if I was not willing to put in the time and discipline to step up my fitness levels and learn a new pattern of eating. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have Brandon as my neighbor at the time, so bringing on his culinary and nutrition instruction was an easy decision. The meals that Brandon prepared for me consisted largely of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and lean protein that were nearly idle of processed and unrefined sugar. The nutrient dense pattern of eating was tailor-made for my desire to shed pounds and burn body fat, while also building muscle. In addition to the luxury of having a personal chef at my beck and call, Brandon also set me up with guidelines and one-on-one instruction for preparing food for myself when he was not around. He also educated me about how to make wise food decisions for when I am traveling and limited with healthy choices. I am happy to say that I on my 50th birthday, I was 15 pounds lighter than I had been the previous year, I had shed about 8% body fat, and I was the most muscular that I had been in years. In addition to my improved physique, the anti-inflammatory properties of the food that I now consume has greatly reduced my pain and has allowed me to perform at levels of fitness that I never thought were possible at my age. Brandon has not only helped me with my diet, but I have used his services on expeditions as well, where he has worked as the support captain for a number of long, difficult journeys throughout South America.”
– Neale Bayly


“I employed Brandon’s skills in 2011, at a time when I was going through some drastic, mid-life changes and approaching my 50th birthday. I was also training for an annual, 7-day, 965 km bicycle race from Sydney to Surfer’s Paradise. After just three months of having him do most of my grocery shopping and meal preparation, I found that my weight had dropped by 20lbs to the lowest it had been in years. I was also much fitter and stronger, finishing the ride in a much faster time than the previous year. It was always a pleasant surprise coming home to eat the next meal, often trying something new, and then finding myself in a bit of disbelief after getting the rundown of the nutrition information. It sometimes shocked me that the food could taste so good, yet still have so many positive health benefits. Not only did the new way of eating help me to achieve my physical goals for the year, but I think that it probably helped put me in a healthier frame of mind as well, as I was dealing with some of life’s more difficult challenges at the time.  I would highly recommend calling upon Brandon’s services, no matter what health concerns that you might be looking to address.”

– David P


“Thanks for the recipe. I’m sure I will not come close to your presentation. The highlights of the trip were the service people at the lodge, the fishing, and of course your 4-5 star dinners every evening. Your food is amazing.  Cooking is an interest of mine and yours can compete with the best out there.”
– Vito D.


“I’ve dropped over 30 lbs and 7% body fat since the summer, and I eat oatmeal mixed with low fat yogurt and fruit every morning! (I add a little blackstrap molasses and organic honey as well) Thanks for the encouragement!” 
– Scott C


“Brandon has been working with my family to help us prepare healthy meals. My husband and I are concerned about nutrition since we are both active runners and bikers. We also wanted to have lots of healthy meals ready to go for our two teenage daughters to select from when they got home from school. Working with Brandon has been one of the best decisions of my life. Not only is the food he makes great, but we have loved learning how to cook with him. Both of our girls have gotten involved in the prep work, so it is a real family affair. It has taken a lot of stress out of my life and made our time in the kitchen so fun and educational. Now, I look forward to coming home for dinner after work because I know something yummy and healthy is waiting for me.”
-Janet J.


“Brandon has been extremely helpful in preparing vegan dishes for me. His professionalism and delicious meals have made it easier for me to focus on my family and not worry about meal preparation. Sitting down to enjoy one of his creations is always a treat for us, and I love the time it saves me in an already hectic day. His willingness to also do the grocery shopping is an added bonus! I’m very happy I found his services!”-Gina F