• Personal Chef and Cooking Demonstrations that caters to individual nutritional needs by addressing specific dietary restrictions.
    • Menu and Recipe Design for both individuals and commercial institutions such a spas, resorts, hotels, restaurants, clinical settings, test kitchens, and professional and collegiate sports teams.
    • Integrative Food and Nutritional Consulting that addresses dietary issues such as weight management, diabetes, cholesterol maintenance, strength and athletic performance enhancement, and healing diets that aim to prevent and reverse disease.
    • Private Catering for dinner parties, corporate lunches, back yard barbecues, and wellness retreats.
    • One-On-One Culinary Instruction, personal grocery shopping and supermarket tours.
    • Food and Nutrition Support Services for crew members of expedition teams, that include but are not limited to cooking nutrient specific meals, providing snacks, energy gels, meal replacements, treated water, and hydration/electrolyte replacement systems.