Founder of Your Way Cuisine, Chef Brandon McDearis caters to your every nutritional need by addressing your specific dietary restrictions. Whether you are an athlete on a strict diet, a busy professional looking to eat better or an aging adult trying to prevent or reverse disease, Your Way Cuisine gives you specialized food to fit your lifestyle. Being the constant traveler, Brandon is repeatedly exposed to a variety of cultures and cuisines that provide him with a unique perspective on food, nutrition, and lifestyle behaviors.

Brandon McDearis is the founder and executive chef of Your Way Cuisine, a private catering and integrative nutritional consulting service that primarily focuses on addressing individual’s specific dietary requirements. Brandon offers services to all facets of the population, ranging from young professional athletes to the senior population that is looking to reverse the aging process. His cuisine principally focuses on all-natural, nutrient-dense foods that adhere to circumstantial requirements without sacrificing flavor. Brandon’s passion is creating meal plans with flavorsome food that can combat and prevent disease. He has experience cooking with clients that are suffering from serious, life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and digestive disorders such as Celiac disease.

Brandon began his career in the food service industry while he was still attending college. He now holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition, with a concentration in Dietetics from Radford University, in addition to a culinary degree from Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte. Upon completing his culinary training, Brandon interned at The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. His other food industry experience has been mostly in restaurant fine-dining and both personal and high-volume catering.

In addition to his formal education and work experience, Brandon has also expanded his food knowledge by traveling internationally. He has helped lead several expedition teams where he was in charge of food and nutrition for crew members. Brandon has also cooked seasonally in Alaska and Australia, as well as having traveled through parts of Europe, India, Peru, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and North America.

Other professional interests of Brandon’s include freelance writing and recipe development for various publications on the subjects of food, nutrition, fitness, and travel. He has also developed menus for school lunch programs in North Carolina, and he is an active board member for Wellspring International Outreach, which is a charity organization for abandoned children in Moquegua, Peru.